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The Story so far

A Family Of Farmers and Growers

Our story began 11 years ago when my time in London as a surveyor came to an end and I decided to return home to the beautiful Yorkshire countryside for a life of farming. Having grown up on a pig farm near the market town of Boroughbridge, a lot of my childhood was spent as a farm hand to my parents, experiencing first-hand how to rear animals with welfare, sustainability and traceability at the heart of it all.

Aunty Alison’s Herbs

When I returned from the big smoke and discovered my aunt’s business, Herbs Unlimited was the answer to her thriving hens and their delicious eggs, I was intrigued as to how raising a chicken, or turkey for that matter, on a diet of herbs might both improve their standard of living but also create a bird with taste… and it was that moment right there, where the country’s first Herb Fed Poultry Farm was born!

A Trial Batch

The Christmas of 2009 saw my first trial batch of herb fed turkeys which I took to local butchers; they sold out in weeks! Next came, chickens and roosters and I guess you could say that the rest is history!

A Family Affair

In 2014 I met my wife, Emma. Raised in Yorkshire on the same values as me, it wasn’t long before she joined the team, and we welcomed our two girls, Letty and Martha into the world.

The Next Chapter

2018 was an ambitious year for Herb Fed that saw us put firm foundations in place and move to our new home in Easingwold, north of York.

Our expansion plans involved considerable investment creating a state-of-the-art production facility and 1192.90 sq m of cold storage space from both new and converted existing buildings. 

This allowed Herb Fed to continue to produce birds of the highest quality and control the complete farm to fork journey, processing and packing turkeys seasonally, and chickens throughout the year. It also reduced pressure on existing land and has created some strong foundations for the business to move forward from.  

Over the past few years, we have grown the business from our Easingwold-base, nestled in the countryside, across all regions of the country. We have been recognised for both our pioneering farming techniques and our tasty birds with awards, for which we are so proud.

While we continue to innovate and develop, we will always rear our flocks with the same care and attention to their welfare… and may well also have two budding poultry farmers under our wing!