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Talking Herbs

We’re one of a kind, in that we’re the only poultry producers in the country actively feeding fresh herbs as a mainstay in our birds’ diets. Our herbs are sourced from Herbs Unlimited, founded by my Aunty Alison and now run by my cousin Phillip. With the farm just a stone’s throw away from us, we are keeping everything fresh, local and family.


Some years ago now, I saw my aunts laying hens thriving from the waste from her herb house, that couple with the taste of their delicious eggs was the start of everything Herb Fed Poultry!

Herb Fed herbs

We caught up with Aunty A to talk Herbs.

What is the technical definition of a herb? Any plant that can be used medicinally or for culinary purposes.


What is your favourite herb? Marjoram. It reminds me of Christmas and I always put it in my sausages. It’s not so widely available but it goes with lots of things!


How long have you farmed herbs? Since 1992 when nobody did it.


Where did the idea come from? I got sick of using dried herbs out of the cupboard. I would love to have had a veg garden for my father’s restaurant and pub, so I started the farm and sold the herbs to the top restaurants and eateries.


In your opinion what makes for the perfect blend of herbs for a Christmas turkey? I think the blend which Edward uses to feed the turkeys is perfect. Turkey has a mild taste so the thyme, rosemary and parsley are strong to bring the flavours out.

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