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Why a Herb Fed bird?

It’s almost time for the meal of the year! The one everyone wants to get right! In our humble opinion everything should start with your turkey… so why a Herb Fed bird? 

With 6 Great taste awards, over 400 5* reviews and fans including Michelin star chef Tommy Banks, Herb Fed proudly produce not only exceptional and truly free range bronze Turkeys, Chickens and Roosters happily living out in the field as birds should, but flocks that are fed a distinctive diet that includes over 10 varieties of fresh herbs.

As the only producers in the country actively feeding our flocks on such a unique diet the fresh herbs are sourced as a by-product of a local herb farm. By using this waste, we are not only contributing to our bird’s quality of life, but doing so in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Herb Fed recognise the part husbandry plays in ensuring great tasting meat and as a result the birds live in small flocks and are truly free to roam outside and make use of their natural instincts; being able to peck at the grass, find and eat insects, dust bathe and soak up the sunshine…. Or the rain and snow!

We offer whole Turkeys, Turkey Crowns and boned and rolled Turkey joints, as well as our very special Christmas Roosters… And because it is the most important meal of the year all our turkeys are hand finished by our team of master butchers, ensuring 100% traceability, and come individually boxed, with a cooking guide, Christmas stuffing recipe and packet fresh herbs.

With free weekend delivery available, ordering your festive centrepiece could not be simpler. Simply visit our Christmas Shop to select your bird and delivery date and we will deliver your order to your door. You can even track your order from the farm to your door using the DPD app.

“The herbs we introduce really enhance the natural flavour of the meat giving it a greater depth and unique taste and by maintaining the highest possible animal welfare standards our birds have a flavour that is difficult to beat.” Edward & Emma Wilkinson, Herb Fed.