Herb Fed Bronze Turkey


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Herb Fed Bronze Turkey – available for Christmas 2017

Our Bronze Turkeys are free to come and go from the barn during the day and enjoy foraging in the paddock and feeding on the freshly cut herbs that supplement their diet and will impart that all important flavour.

The birds are dry plucked to give the finest finish and hang for a minimum of 10 days to provide a fuller flavoured, firmer textured meat.

Herb Fed turkeys are individually boxed and arrive with vacuum packed giblets, cooking instructions, a pack of fresh Christmas herbs and a recipe for the ‘Perfect Christmas stuffing’.

Delivery included with all turkeys.
Herb Fed Bronze Turkeys are available from Thanksgiving until Christmas Eve

Don't know what size bird to order...? Have a look at our guide.
All our turkeys fit in a conventional oven.

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4-5kg (8.8 – 11lb), 5-6kg (11-13lb), 6-7kg (13-15lb), 7-8kg (15.4-17.6lb), 8-9kg (17.6-19.8lb), 9-10kg (19.8-22lb), 10kg plus (22lb)

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