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Our Birds

Reared at the foot of the Hambleton hills our award-winning birds are full of flavour and are deliciously textured.

A Bird With Taste

Our traditionally raised birds enjoy the highest welfare standards and grow slowly and naturally on our land, to further develop both the texture and the distinctive depth of flavour.

Edwards Aunty Alison and cousin Philip grow a broad range of delicious herbs on their farm in the local village of Sand Hutton and it’s from there that our birds enjoy a variety of over 10 herbs per week to supplement their balanced additive-free cereal based diet (sourced from a local mill) making for our healthy and happy poultry!

A Bird of Provenance

We rear all of our chickens, turkeys and roosters here on the farm in North Yorkshire. By doing so we can farm with traceability allowing us to assure you of the full farm to fork journey of every single bird in our flock.

A Bird of Privilege

Our birds are an extension of our family and as such enjoy free-range living, with freedom to roam & forage and follow their natural instincts.

Kept in small flock and bedded up daily by hand they are only inside at night-time to keep them out of Mr Fox’s way!

Multi Award-Winning Poultry

The main principle we work by is a happy bird is a healthy bird and a tasty bird to top, it’s due to these high husbandry practices that makes for our unique and quality poultry produce.

Herb Fed Free Range Chicken

Herb Fed Free Range bronze turkey

Herb Fed Free Range rooster

1 star great taste

Our Birds


Well known and loved, our home-grown chickens are raised on beautiful Yorkshire pastures. Their free-range living means they can peck away at the delicious grass, insects, herbs and cereals all day long and nestle down in their beds of straw in our small-flock huts by night.


Day old poults arrive on the farm and are kept under heat lamps which are gradually turned down until the bird is fully feathered.

At this stage they can venture into their new homes in the field and from six weeks handmade racks are placed our for them to enjoy a delicious mix of herbs such as parsley, coriander, thyme, fennel and marjoram all in time for a tasty Bronze gobble by Christmas


Our Christmas Rooster are a special addition to the farm, produced just once a year for a tasty festive bird. Similar to our turkeys, they enjoy wide ranging pastures and a herb fed diet courtesy of us.