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BBQ hero – Beer Can chicken

  • Prep Time
    as long as it takes to open the beer can
  • Cook Time
    1 hour - depending on size of chicken
  • Total Time

We gave the beer can chicken a go the other day and what a BBQ hero it is. - Easy - Looks good - Doesn't require someone sweating over hot coals cooking in the summer heat - you can enjoy a cool beer instead!

Serves: varies on size of chicken


  • 1. Light the BBQ so it can get up to heat.

  • 2. Season the whole bird - we used Salt and Pepper, plus some chopped fresh herbs.

  • 3. Open the can of beer (beer of your choice) and place the chicken over the open beer can so that it is stable.

  • 4. Place the beer can on the bbq grill and close the lid.

  • 5. Allow to cook for 1 hour - depending on size of bird. Keep and eye on it - when juice from the inside of the thigh runs clear it is cooked.

Serving suggestion
Serve with some great salads, new potatoes and enjoy with friends.

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