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Herb Fed v Corn Fed drumstick Challange

  • Prep Time
    marinate to personal preference
  • Cook Time
  • Total Time
    25mins (plus marinating)

The Smokin Elk has been using a lot of Herb Fed chicken and sending us some fantastic recipes over the past few months. Unbeknown to us might I add, he wanted to put our drumsticks to the test. So here goes…

Serves: 2 drums pp

Simple Tandoori Drumsticks!


I (The Smokin' Elk) decided to cook some drumsticks - 2 from @herbfedpoultry and 3 corn fed supermarket drumsticks.

They were all rubbed with @angusandoink Tandoori rub and then cooked on the Weber Summit at 250c until done.

The verdict?

Not only were the Herb Fed drumsticks noticeably bigger to start with, once cooked they were so much juicier and tastier than the corn fed supermarket drumsticks. They were a clear winner.

From the horses mouth …

“I’ve been really impressed with them (Herb Fed) to date, their chickens are so juicy, so full of flavour and of course they are raised ethically with the highest welfare in place. Herb Fed haven't put me up to this post, they don't even know I've done this. I just think that if you find an ethical producer like this, that care about welfare and put so much into what they do with great results then their praises deserve to be sung loud and proud. Give them a go and see for yourself, I'm confident you'll soon be converted!"

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