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Aunty Alison’s Herbs

A bird bred on a unique diet of fresh herbs is a delicious, textured bird with taste.

It was this discovery, made just over ten years ago, that makes us to this day the country’s first and only producers of Herb Fed Poultry.

Not just that, but after years of innovating and improving our husbandry and rearing techniques, it is now multi-award winning!


“A bird bred on a unique diet of fresh herbs is a delicious, textured bird with taste.”

Herb Fed

Local herb farm, Herbs Unlimited, is the producer of our Yorkshire grown herby goodness – a family relationship that we are very proud of.

Herbs Unlimited, founded by Edwards Aunt, Alison Dodd, and now run by Alisons son, Philip grow and supply the food industry with fresh herbs, salads and edible flowers including: - parsley, chives, dill, coriander, thyme, fennel, tarragon, chili and marjoram.

Want Not, Waste Not

We are champions of sustainable farming and growing techniques, making us (and our birds!) grateful receivers of any of Alison/ Philip’s herbs. It is the excess trimmings or herbs that have simply gone past their best and would otherwise end up on a compost heap that Herb Fed take. By using this waste, we are not only contributing to our bird’s quality of life but doing so in a way which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Herb Fed Trademark

Pecking through the herbs keeps our birds occupied and stimulated resulting in happy and healthy birds.

The herbs are nutrient-rich, and the variety means our birds are introduced to important additional minerals and vitamins, alongside their additive and hormone free cereal diets supplied by a local mill.

This coupled with our slow-growing ethos allowing the meat and muscle to develop as it should, makes for our trademark taste and texture - surprisingly not herby, but exceptional!