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The Herb Fed Bit

Edward’s Aunt, Alison Dodd, Managing Director of local Herb Farm, Herbs Unlimited, was feeding her chickens at home on waste from her pack house.

Edward noticed the amazing taste of her eggs and thought that if it was having such an effect on the eggs, what about the meat?

A trial took place with 500 bronze turkeys and the Christmas 2009 feedback was fantastic…  Herb Fed took off!

Feeding Time

Fresh herbs are put in custom made miniature hay racks in the bird’s fields where they are free to peck away at them at their will. All the herbs are a by-product of Herbs Unlimited and are either trimmings or herbs that have simply gone past their best and would otherwise end up on a compost heap.

Pecking through the herbs keeps the birds occupied and stimulated resulting in happy and extremely healthy birds. Furthermore, the herbs provide additional nutrients to their diet on top of the additive free cereal based feed they get from a local mill.

By using this waste, Herb Fed is not only contributing to our bird’s quality of life, but doing so in a way which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.