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From field to fork: the life cycle of our free range turkeys

It is important to understand exactly where our food is coming from and as you and your family are tucking into a delicious turkey this Christmas, perhaps you might pause for a moment and think about where it come from and the way in which it has come from the field to your fork.

Perhaps you are also conscious of enjoying a more sustainable Christmas this year – read more here to find out how we can help.

Herb Fed Poultry is a family run, Yorkshire based business born out of the 2010 financial crash. Based in Easingwold, their free range turkeys, roosters and chickens are the only UK flock fed on a unique fresh herb diet.


Rest assured that all of Herb Fed Poultry’s turkeys, roosters and chickens are all free range and have enjoyed a happy and healthy life in the Yorkshire countryside on the Yorkshire farm, and have enjoyed a unique diet of fresh herbs that yes, even you cook with! We look into the life of one of Herb Fed Poultry’s free range turkeys, from its days pecking around in the Yorkshire fields, to then being enjoyed as the centrepiece on your Christmas table.

The turkeys first start off life as young chicks born in July, huddled in small groups under heat lamps which are gradually turned down until they are around 4 weeks old and have now started to develop soft feathers.

At 6 weeks old the day has come for the exciting move into the lush fields. They live in large groups and socialise together: with access to large open fields when they are a little older, they can enjoy the fresh Yorkshire air.

It is now that the turkeys start to enjoy a rich diet of herbs, some of which you might recognise including: parsley, coriander, fennel and chives, and actually the only herb these hungry turkeys don’t eat is sage, but they do have a particular fondness for basil. By September, the turkeys are enjoying a diet of lots of fragrant herbs every week.

Herb Fed turkey chicks

Their unique herb-based diet allows for happy and healthy birds. Owner of Herb Fed Poultry, Edward explains more: “As well as this the herbs give additional nutrients to the turkey’s diet on top of the cereal based, additive free feed from a local mill. In addition to this by using this waste, Herb Fed is not only contributing to our bird’s quality of life, but doing so in a way which is sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

Because the life of each of our turkeys is so important, the way they are slaughtered is done in such as way that causes minimal stress on the birds as it is carried out on site. They are then hung for at least 10 days to allow the meat to unlock all those extra, delicious flavours.

The birds are then all ready to be weighed, priced, and boxed up ready to become Christmas turkeys and sent out to stockists or direct to customers. With mainland UK delivery options, this means that everyone can enjoy the fresh flavours of Yorkshire-bred poultry and you can even get the turkey delivered directly to your host.

Grab Christmas by the Baubles and order now through our online shop here.

We wish you a safe and happy Christmas.